The British Raj target Tower Hamlets

Over the years we have seen numerous hate crimes & negative media attention around race, religion and Brexit. However, more recently Islamaphobia has become a theme which many are now familiar with. Phobias are defined as fear, but in many cases Islamaphobia isn’t just fear. Far-right narratives and the actions of far-right groups are a clear example of hatred which is intended to be threatening and to openly illustrate hate, like the so-called “Punish A Muslim Day”.

Britain First, a far-right group who thrive from the cesspit of far-right rhetoric i.e. Donald Trump, who they refer to as “Boss”.

Malicious intent at its worst is when racism, the intolerance of religion and Xenophobia become a cocktail of hatred; diluted into the minds of deceitful politicians and Institutions.  The rhetoric targets specific communities, encouraging negative narratives and acts as ammunition for thuggish behaviour.

Matters get worse when right-wing politicians with far-right views, gain support & acknowledgement from members of the community they attack; or politicians who illustrate themselves as being at the other end of the political spectrum. A nightmare scenario would be when right-wing politicians with far-right views, gain support from politicians of the specific community they attack.

Councillor Peter Golds, the leader of the Conservatives in Tower Hamlets would deny being an Islamaphobe or a racist. However, he seems to position himself where many could speculate such characteristics.

Conservative Cllr Peter Golds has written to the Secretary of State, Rt Hon. Sajid Javid MP, to seek legal guidance on the use of community centres for worship. It must be noted, that Cllr Golds is also seeking legal guidance on gender segregation in mosques that were once community centres. A number of mosques in Tower Hamlets face the threat of closure, intended by the letter written by Peter Golds, pictured below.

Tory Cllr Peter Golds writes to Sajid Javid MP the Secretary of State regarding his views on community centres being used for prayers

PATH mayoral candidate Rabina Khan, is an ally of Tory Cllr Peter Golds, where the pair have been working closely together. Earlier during the month, Tory Cllr Peter Golds, went to a PATH press conference to endorse ex-Labour Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed’s transition over to PATH and spoke highly of him. This is the same Khales who was accused of electoral fraud by a reporter from The Independent; the accusation was followed by a physical assault on a journalist– there is mention of it being orchestrated on behalf of Khales. This bizarre cross party politics by the Tories, Labour and PATH may seem confusing to many; but not to the PATH mayoral hopeful Cllr Rabina Khan.

PATH press conference – Khales gets dropped off to nursery on his first day by Peter

It has been mentioned that Rabina Khan has been plotting with Peter Golds, to gain second preference votes from the Tories, in an attempt to win the mayoralty through the back door. Sources close to Rabina Khan’s group have told us that Cllr Peter Golds was approached to comment on PATH’s party constitution; prior to submission for approval to the electoral commission. Was it the case that Rabina found Peter Golds to be the most able for a diverse community like Tower Hamlets, or was it part of a deal where Peter Golds had to comment on PATH’s constitution – prior to a mutual support?

Information surfaced that Rabina also voted in favour of Tory Councillor, Andrew Woods, for Scrutiny Lead (a paid position). She did this as opposed to supporting someone from her own group or supporting her former colleague Cllr Mustaqim of the Aspire Party.

Cllr Rabina Khan and Cllr Peter Golds having a brief discussion

Councillor Rabina Khan promises a fresh start post the mayoral election. Does Rabina support the idea of Mosque closures like Redcoat Community Centre, Turin Street Mosque and Melish Street Mosque, through her support for Tory friend Peter Golds?

Tower Hamlets is a diverse place, where faiths and places used for worship are taken seriously. Attacks on community centres, prayer space and religious obligations should not be tolerated.

As it stands, the victims of colonisation are seeking deals for mayoralty, with those who wish to divide and conquer. The Mir Jafars who feel magnanimous and provide platform for advocates with far-right rhetoric must be held to account.

Over the years we have seen numerous hate crimes & negative media attention around

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