Khales Uddin Ahmed joins Rabina’s PATH with Tory blessing

The big day for Khales Uddin Ahmed has arrived. Today he announced his transition to PATH at Nida House on Sutton Street.

Below is a picture from today’s meeting where Khales announced he has joined PATH and also a video link of Cllr Golds speaking highly of Khales. Conservative Councillor, Peter Golds was there cheerleading Khales’ new interest with Rabina Khan. It was visualised as a parent/guardian dropping of a child to his first day at nursery.

It isn’t forgotten, that it was Khales Uddin Ahmed, Helal Uddin Abbas and Azmal Hussain who colluded and acted as key witnesses in deposing Lutfur Rahman and his administration.

Relationship building between PATH, Khales (the then speaker of the council and a Labour councillor) and Azmal Hussain

The gang of three pride themselves on associating with right-wing journalists like Ted Jeory, Andrew Gilligan and John Ware. As you may know, these journalists were responsible for documentaries which are seen as Islamaphobic and have also written articles entertaining right-wing views; as well as writing for far-right tabloids.

Khales with friends. Left to right: John Ware, Ted Jeory, Khales Uddin Ahmed and Andrew Gilligan.

In a desperate bid to become the next Directly Elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Rabina overcame what many see as having human morals and harboured Khales Uddin Ahmed; a man known for his racist and sexist views – which has been described as a contradiction by Rabina, lacking shame and morality.

Rabina’s ambitions to become mayor has been described as a “political groupie”.

Below is the letter of resignation sent to Labour’s Chris Weavers from Khales Uddin Ahmed:

Subject: : Resignation from Labour Party

Khalis Uddin Ahmed

37 Rainhill Way

Dear Jennie Formby,

I have been a member of the Labour Party since 2008 and have served as a Labour councillor for Bromley North ward in Tower Hamlets since 2010.

In my time as councillor, I have represented my ward residents against powerful and self-serving developers such as Poplar HARCA. I successfully campaigned against irresponsible development and policies led by them such as the Chrisp Street regeneration scheme that put local businesses at risk as well as a massive increase in parking charges by them which they later dropped. It is to my dismay that I never found my Labour Group leader and Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs a vehement advocate for residents on these issues. Perhaps it is not just a mere coincidence that Tower Hamlets Council continues hold a special relationship with Poplar HARCA, selling assets to it and that its CEO happens to be a good friend of John.

It is this John Biggs, whom I defended against allegations of racism during the infamous electoral fraud case of the now desposed former Mayor Lutfur Rahman which resulted in John becoming the Mayor. I faced humiliation and insult from our local Labour MPs and so-called community leaders and councillors for picking up the baton against a hostile local media but of course these very people were happy to reap the rewards when the historic result was achieved.

Little did I know back then this John Biggs would go on to hold in contempt the residents of the great borough with his own austerity measures.

Under his tenure, adult social care charges have increased. Council tax has increased and the self-employed tax he has introduced has affected those who rely on mini-cabbing and delivery work as their main source of income. The boroughs children have been failed following the damning 2017 Ofsted report into the Councils children’s services which was a outstanding service only three years before. Labour previously campaigned to save nurseries but against the wishes of its local party members they are being privatised. Youth clubs continue to be underfunded and I have no doubt that this has contributed to a rise in drug-related and knife crime in the borough. Tower Hamlets now has the highest rate of child poverty.

Johns austerity measures are dressed up as ‘savings’ and he does not hesitate to blame cuts to public services on the Tory government whilst enjoying appealing to their second preference votes to keep him elected as Mayor. On the one hand he is unable to protect public services yet on the other he is able to offer himself a pay rise and grant £50 million more to build the Council new Civic Centre in Whitechapel.

As a member of the Labour Group of councillors, I put residents first and I have faced severe consequences for doing so. Whilst serving as Speaker of the Council, I was suspended in 2016 for 10 months by manufactured complaints of intimidation which were later unable to be proved and subsequently withdrawn. The Mayor himself sent a message that statements were needed against me to keep me quiet against all the above mentioned issues I was raising with the Group.

My suspension from the Party came into effect just three days before I could take part in my wards mayoral trigger ballot meeting. I do not hesitate to state that I actively campaigned for members to exercise their democratic right to open up the selection process and that I believe my suspension was motivated by Johns urge to prevent me campaigning for a trigger. Whilst continuing to serve as Speaker for the remainder of my term, I faced undue media attention and pressure on my friends and family.

In August 2017, another complaint was lodged against me which has led to me being suspended for a second time in March 2018.. A fabricated illegal phone recording was uploaded on YouTube and sent as a complaint to the Labour Party, by someone who does not exist as a party member nor resides at the address they have used fraudulently.

I understand that the Party is reviewing its process and procedures on disputes. I urge and hope a that this review will consider whether the current process has been manipulated by undue complaints being lodged for political advantage and this, particularly in communities with a high number of BAME communities and against BAME councillors.

In 2016, my local MP Jim Fitzpatrick publicly called members democratically campaigning for an open selection “the worst of Bengali politics”, but faced no investigation, no suspension for for stoking up racial tensions in the community.

I joined the Labour Party because I believed the Party represented the aspirations of the working class and ethnic minority communities to which I belong. I resign from the Party in the hope that the Party will once again represent the disadvantaged and diverse groups it claims to represent.

Yours sincerely,

Khales Uddin Ahmed

Questions have been asked as to who helped Khales write this letter. Could it be those from PATH i.e. Rabina herself; or could it be those from Labour i.e. their Mile End prospective Puru Miah?

Below we have the Statement Of Persons Nominated And Notice Poll, which clearly shows Khales’ crossover to PATH.

The political battles in Tower Hamlets continue.

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