Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

There are clear indications suggesting the close relationship between the PATH group (People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets) and those who supported the 2015 ousting of the former Mayor, Lutfur Rahman. Key proponents of this relationship are Labour’s former councillor/council leader Helal Abbas, the twice suspended councillor, Khales Uddin Ahmed – aka the Bengali-faction of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and the PATH group.

During previous functions, Cllr Rabina Khan of PATH was happy to sit/stand shoulder to shoulder with Khales Uddin Ahmed and Helal Abbas. She was also at a reception which was held in honour of Khales, speaking highly of him. Each to their own.

People’s Alliance’s number one alliance is Labour’s suspended Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed who is picture here Cllr Rabina Khan

Sources mention when Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed was suspended the first time, there was a discussion/agreement between PATH and the Bengali-faction of Tower Hamlets Labour Party; in particular Cllr Rabina Khan, her husband Cllr Aminur Khan, Cllr Khales Uddin and Helal Abbas. It is understood there was a pact made during this discussion, that if Cllr Khales didn’t have his suspension lifted by the Labour Party, he would join PATH as their prospective candidate for Bromley North. This would explain why  Cllr Rabina Khan announced Nehad Choudhury as her sole prospective candidate for Bromley North, leaving the other seat empty – in case of Cllr Khales Uddin needing to join PATH. However, in this case with luck on Cllr Khales’ side, he was reinstated back into the Labour Party.

We now know for a second time that Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed has been suspended by the Labour Party. This suspension has brought about a new opportunity for Cllr Rabina Khan and PATH. The opportunity would strengthen relationships with the Bengali-faction of Tower Hamlets Labour Party. Khales would join PATH and stand side by side with Nehad Choudhury as a prospective for Bromley North.

It’s evident that Rabina Khan has forgotten that Cllr Khales Uddin was a key ally of those who brought down her former leader Lutfur Rahman and an administration both Cllrs Rabina and husband Aminur benefitted from. The cabal Cllr Khales colluded with were those like John Ware (BBC Panorama), Andrew Gilligan (Channel 4 Dispatches/Telegraph) and Ted Jeory (Daily Express/far-right blogger). This clearly demonstrates the opportunistic behaviour that Cllr Rabina Khan and her husband entertain in order to gain political benefits.

The cabal – facing the picture, going left to right: John Ware, Ted Jeory, Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed and Andrew Gilligan

Inormation has surfaced regarding Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed organising a public meeting at Kingsley Hall on Monday. The meeting is being held to consult a small group of men on his political future, PATH and Labour. We have also heard that Khales will be announcing his decision the following day (Tuesday), with regards to what PATH he will take. Get it? The dates for his consultation and decision may be completely wrong, but only time will tell right?

A source has also mentioned a split within PATH with regards to Khales gaining political entry to their group. It appears that Cllr Rabina Khan, her husband Cllr Aminur Khan and their chauffeur Shah Alam are of the view that Khales should stand as a prospective for their group. However, this idea faces opposition from PATH Cllrs Abdul Asad and Shafi Ahmed.

The situation is similar to when Natsha Bolter wanted to join PATH. For those of you who don’t know, Natasha was once part of the far-right political party UKIP, who had appalling views on Muslims & Immigration. She was their poster girl who lied about being a PPE student at Oxford University – that was of course until she had an affair with senior UKIP figure, David Soutter (Click the link, story and pictures available) – he was UKIP’s head of candidates and a married father of two.

After Natasha was left out in the cold by UKIP, Natasha took an interest in Tower Hamlets politics. She eventually joined the Independent Group in Tower Hamlets, apparently after creating the illusion that she had distanced herself from her former Party and its views. Natasha received the benefit of the doubt and was given the chance of reform – unsurprisingly her political views didn’t match with the Independent Group and she left the group. Of course Natasha was now curious by the personality similarities she had with PATH and wanted to join their group as a prospective candidate. Natasha’s ambitions were encouraged by those in PATH, but unfortunately for her, PATH Cllrs Shafi Ahmed and Abdul Asad made noise rejecting Natasha’s intentions. Natasha was then refused as a candidate and left in a limbo.

Which path will Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed choose for himself? (No pun intended). It’s understood that his supporters on the ground are telling him to stand Independently, standing against any Labour candidate; but at the same time it seems that his heart is set on Cllr Rabina Khan and PATH.

We shall find out next week.

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