The suspension of Tower Hamlets Labour Party’s Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed and the boys who cried wolf.

Sources have revealed that once again Tower Hamlets Labour Party’s (THLP) Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed of Bromley North has had his membership of the Labour party suspended yesterday. We have been informed that this decision was made yesterday by the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) Disputes Panel. The NEC has informed THLP Chair, Chris Weavers, to activate the suspension of Cllr Khales Udddin Ahmed.

This is the same Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed who was suspended for almost a year by the Labour Party, whilst he was speaker of Tower hamlets Council. At the time he was suspended due to alleged bullying and intimidation of female councillors and members of THLP.

It has also been mentioned that a letter was sent from Chris Weavers to the secretary of THLP, Apsana Begum, to put into action a recruitment process for the upcoming local elections for the Bromley North Ward, replacing a suspended Khales Uddin Ahmed. The suspension from the Labour Party means that Cllr Khales cannot attend any Labour Party meetings and annual conferences. It also means that he will be unable to stand in any election, including the upcoming local election.

Leaked email sent by Chris Weavers to the EC

Information of a big fall out within THLP has surfaced and key contenders are the Bengali-faction of THLP, led by Helal Abbas. The intentions of the very angry Bengali-faction is to mount pressure on Mayor John Biggs and THLP chair, Chris Weavers, to force Labour’s NEC into retracting the decision which saw Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed suspended.

What has also been stated is that THLP Bengali-faction have threatened Mayor John Biggs to hold back any Bengali support if the decision on the suspension of Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed was to continue.

We have been made aware, that last night there was an apparent meeting of some Bengali-faction THLP councillors/prospective councillors, initially held at Helal Uddin’s house in the Bromley North Ward. It was during late into the night the meeting venue changed to Helal Abbas’ back-house also in the Bromley North Ward (it must be noted that both Helals are neighbours). Some of those that were named as being present were Khales Uddin Ahmed, Helal Abbas, Tareq Khan (St Peter’s Ward prospective), Puru Miah (Mile End Ward prospective) and other locals. Also present at Helal Abbas’s back-house were PATH councillors Aminur Khan (husband of mayoral candidate Cllr Rabina Khan) and Cllr Shah Alam who was an acting chauffer. It has been said that Cllr Shah Alam’s 4×4 was parked on Bruce Road and the pair of them walked into Helal Abbas’ home.

With all of what is taking place, it has been said that Khales Uddin Ahmed has become deranged and furious with the second suspension when it was so close to the local elections in May. It is a fact that being a councillor for some of those people is a lifeline. In Khales’ case, he’d like to halt the NEC suspension process; in order to be able to stand on a Labour ticket, becoming councillor and then retaining the allowance received by councillors.

Sources say that THLP Bengali-faction would like to mount a two point challenge:

  1. Put pressure politically on Labour’s NEC, using connections to withdraw the decision regarding Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed’s suspension.
  2. To raise funds in a quick bid to challenge the high court, gaining an injunction to stop the process.

We understand that Helal Abbas is leading the charge to raise funds on behalf of Khales Uddin Ahmed to halt the suspension process; also that they have instructed solicitors to go to the high court immediately to challenge this.

It is understood the NEC’s dispute panel considered a number of allegations but the two serious ones are:

  1. A recording of Cllr Khales Ahmed talking to an opposition councillor to prevent the then Whitechapel Ward prospective Victoria Obaze to win a Labour seat as councillor. The recording proved Cllr Khales to be using racist language in Bengali, referring to Victoria Obaze as “The blacky”.
  2. Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed working in partnership with PATH mayoral candidate Cllr Rabina Khan, humiliating Mayor John Biggs in public to get Cllr Rabina Khan elected as mayor.

An example of the humiliation was evident at the recent meeting regarding Poplar Harca’s regeneration of Chrisp Street market. Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed worked openly with Cllr Rabina Khan, orchestrating difficult questions to question Mayor John Biggs.

We have been told that Cllr Khales has held a number of private meetings with Cllr Rabina Khan to establish how the Bengali-faction votes in THLP can be delivered to Cllr Rabina Khan.

  • Is Khales so powerful that he can challenge Labour’s NEC decision through the high court, using funds raised by Helal Abbas?
  • Is Mayor John Biggs so weak that he will cave into Khales Uddin and Helal Abbas to allow Khales back into the Labour Party; so he can continue to help Cllr Rabina Khan?
  • Why were PATH Cllrs Aminur Khan and Shah Alam at the meeting in Helal Abbas’s back house?
  • Are PATH financially supporting a mole within the THLP?

These are questions that ought to be thought about regarding a man who has now been suspended twice.

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