Uber losing its licence to operate in London

A catastrophic decision for people who earn a living driving for Uber to lose its licence to operate in London has come. To many workers and families this has not been welcomed as an achievement. Sadiq Khan as a Labour mayor with unions could have recognised this as the mismanagement of Uber drivers and to pressure Uber into better regulated safety standards.

The mayor’s stance isn’t helpful to individuals who need to earn a living and will cause financial pressures on families. Some of those employed by Uber have faced mismanagement in earlier jobs, perhaps at a cab office, a curry house or a factory. These are merely examples. Quite frankly, some were not in employment at all. Critics of Uber claim that this is fight with a corporation. However, examples mentioned previously have also demonstrated how easy it has been for those of a different trade, or their employees to avoid taxes.

For those on the firing line, this remains far from an accomplishment and has come at a cost of almost 40,000 people losing their jobs (many with families). Inevitably, this will cause a whole chapter of issues for the people employed by Uber, which could potentially contribute further to the urban decay in London.

Sign the petition to show your support for Uber drivers and service users:


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